Sounds of Time

Ten Minutes Older: The Trumpet “showcases some of the finest cinematic talents around” (BBC Films Review)

Sounds of Time was a one-off live score event of Ten Minutes Older: The Trumpet, a series of short films by grand masters, loosely tied together by the theme of time.

I had the wonderful opportunity to perform a live score for this spectacular selection of films by some of the greatest cinematic voices of all time. The collection of films was originally scored by jazz great Hugh Masekela, which was also a great personal opportunity to reinterpret and improvise his music in a live environment.

I recorded the live score, and then had the opportunity to lay down a couple of the tracks in the studio – Sounds of Time and Undercurrent. We doff our cap to this cinematic triumph and look back at this event with great pride.


Learn more about Ten Minutes Older: The Trumpet here:

Direction: Aki Kaurismaki, Chen Kaige, Jim Jarmusch, Kaige Chen, Spike Lee, Victor Erice, Werner Herzog and Wim Wenders

With: Chloe Sevigny, Kati Outinen and Markku Peltola

Original Score – Hugh Masekela