“Bonobo is one of many artists capable of crafting a widescreen and wholly organic-sounding world” (BBC Music Review)

Simon Green, AKA Bonobo, is an artist very much at the peak of his powers. His 2013 album ‘The North Borders’ was the high watermark of his career to date: a masterful record, marrying Green’s inimitable melodic genius to cutting edge electronics, bass and drums. 


I’ve had the great privilege to have been a member of the Bonobo live band for some time now, recording and performing the albums and tours for Black Sands and The North Borders. Some of the gigs have been huge personal highlights – from Glastonbury to an ancient amphitheatre in Croatia to a sold out Alexandra Palace in London – but there have been too many highlights to mention here. Bonobo’s sound has always had a huge influence on me, and the live band are all such talented musicians on an individual level (a lot of them are classically trained like me), so getting on stage with any one of them would be amazing, but jamming with everyone together takes it new heights. Recalling these gigs brings a huge smile to my face and I can’t wait to see what the next record sounds like.

The final show on Bonobo’s North Borders tour was at the infamous Alexandra Palace and was broadcast worldwide by Boiler Room the legendary, dependably trendy, invite-only, broadcasting platform. Though the exclusive first stream was time-limited, they have now opened access to their online coverage of the night more permanently.

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